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Mark E. Shaw



"The Heart of Addiction is an increasingly rare book—one that addresses a specific life issue in a biblical, deep, practical, wise way.

Mark Shaw combines the sufficiency of Scripture (theology for life) with the relevancy of Scripture (principles of progressive sanctification) in a way that offers hope and help to those experiencing habitual sin problems." -RPM Ministries

At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry, Steve Gallagher:



• Exposes the real roots of sexual addiction



• Clearly marks the path to a victorious life



• Affirms the authority of God's Word through personal testimony.



In the most comprehensive treatment of sexual addiction available, Gallagher shows men how to destroy the idol of lust and paves the way for a radical transformation of their heart and life.

This book begins that discussion, and the series on Mental Illness seeks to objectively challenge the current ideology while providing a proven alternative approach. It is a well thought-out and heavily researched effort that is sure to challenge your thinking and bring clarity to many confounding issues and questions surrounding the construct known as mental illness.

-Dr. Daniel Berger II