Our Staff is dedicated to the work of the Lord and the investment of making disciples.

Matthew 28:19

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Oliver (Director) & Lisa Underwood -

" I was Lost and now I'm found" -Luke 15

I spent most of my life searching for something that would fill an empty hole deep inside. I searched far and wide for pleasure in multiple ways like drugs, pornography, and alcohol in order to fill the void. I even tried to find father figures who would teach me how to be a man who was respected and was honored by those surrounding me. 

 After many years of searching with lack of finding, I ended up marrying my high school sweetheart and headed off to college. After several years of marriage we had children all the while the spontaneous partying continuing. One day I woke up and had no desire to live. No hope... No purpose... I didn't care about marriage, school, work, fatherhood, or even breathing at that point. That day I had received a phone number to call the Director of the Mission House, Lyle Skillman. I told him that I was a good guy; that things just kept going wrong and I couldn't get a break.

It was then that Lyle asked me why I was calling him if there was nothing wrong with me but that it was my circumstances that were at fault. I told him, "I just keep following my heart!" He then directed me to Jeremiah 17:9. "The heart is desperately wicked and deceitful above all else, who can know it?"  I told myself, "if this book is true then my life makes sense. This is why I'm so miserable. I've been following a liar."

The day after I arrived at the Mission House I gave my life to the Lord. He has lead me since! I love Him so much because He first loved me at my worst. I could have never saved myself and because of what He has done I will follow Him all of my days!

My wife Lisa and I are now devoted to making disciples and comforting others with the same comforts that we have received. I have had the opportunity to be trained and certified through ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors) and TAC (The Addiction Connection). I will continue to help the men that God places in front of me. 


Alex Nadykto (Construction Manager)

Alex and Stacey Nadykto

Alex and Stacey Nadykto

I was raised in a Christian home and as I grew older I began getting more and more involved in the church. At 16 I was on fire for the Lord and was eager to find ways to serve Him. As I began to pour myself into my church, the youth group I attended began falling apart as did my faith in God because of the conflicts I witnessed within the church. The sadness I felt over the youth group collapse turned to anger and bitterness so by age 19 I decided that God, if He existed, didn't care about me or my church or people in general so I decided I would take things into my own hands and live my life the way I saw fit. It wasn't long before I fell face first into the world of drugs and within a year I had a severe addiction to heroin and meth. My addiction resulted in me being severely injured and left for dead on the side of the road. Waking up days later from that incident I knew that if I didn't get help I'd end up dead or locked up, so I reached out to my wife, who by the grace of God had been by my side and fighting for my life the entire time. I agreed to get help and it was then that I heard about The Mission House. Christ met me there and began breaking down my walls and it wasn't long before I was on my knees asking Him to give me another chance. He has restored all of my relationships with my family, friends, and most importantly my wife. He set me free from a life of slavery and has given me a new purpose and direction. I thought I was too far gone to be forgiven but Romans 5:8 showed me that when we were at our worst God gave his best so that no one is too far gone for the love of Christ.


Robert Rethwish (Work Ministry Coordinator)

Growing up in California was very rough for me during my childhood. Coming from a broken family, with little money, we were constantly moving and didn’t have much stability. With no father figure and having had many different step dads, I soon looked to sexual immorality to soothe the role my father was supposed to fulfill. With no direction of my own and no guidance in my life I soon found drugs and alcohol and the party lifestyle appealing to all my senses. I used these things to cover up the aching in my heart that told me that I was completely in the wrong. By 18 I was a full blown meth addict and had devoted my life to getting and staying high. For roughly 8 years I struggled with IV addiction, homelessness, thieving, and complete gutter living.

A couple of years ago, through my poor choices and consequences of them, I came to a place where I was broken enough to hear Gods call in my life. After Learning about a program called the Mission House, I decided I was going to give God a shot. Through the program I learned what my purpose was, how much God loves me, and how I was to respond knowing these things. With the help of many godly men in my life, I learned Gods word and how to daily submit my life to Him. Now, being connected with my local church and many brothers and sisters working for the Lord, I continually am seeking a closer relationship with my Heavenly Father and am devoting myself to serving wherever I can. I owe my life and the freedom from bondage of sin to the finished work of Christ on the cross. All glory be to Him who pulled me from the pit and set my feet upon the Rock.


When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers,

the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained;

what is man, that thou art mindful of him?

and the son of man, that thou visitest him?

Psalm 8:3-4