The way I was living was for myself, and myself only. I know now that life is not about me it’s about God and his kingdom…I don’t want people to look at me and see me. I now want them to see God through me. These are the tools that The Mission House has provided me to change myself.

~ Tyler, age 22.

Coming to the Mission House has been the best decision of my life. The opportunity to get away from my old sin-filled and selfish life, and to come here and focus on getting close to God and serving others has been amazing. God is so good, and he blessed me so much. He restored the relationship with my family. He’s given me a whole new life; a new mind, a new body, a new heart and a love for others that I have never felt before. I look forward to each and every day. God grants me an opportunity to bring Him glory and serve others. Thank God For The Lord!! Galatians 2:20

~ Gabe, age 24.

When originally presented with the task of writing out my testimony, my initial response was to write about my struggle with addiction. But then, upon further analysis of the situation, I realized it is far more than that. It goes deeper into the heart of the issue; my turning away from God.

I grew up in a Christian home and was believed to be saved at a young age. I acknowledged God as Father and Jesus as Son manifest in human form. However, as Luke 8:13 portrays it, I believed for a while, but then I fell away. I gradually turned from God because my belief did not have a root. It was merely a superficial, undedicated belief that didn’t hold any true sustenance or solidity for me. So, as time went on, I distanced myself from God.

I found myself pursuing a philosophical doctrine called Pantheism. In short, it is the belief that God is the universe, and the universe is God. It’s primary concept is that they are not separate entities, but one and the same. This, of course, is horribly wrong. It holds no biblical support and is blatant disregard for the Being of God. As a result of this turning from Him, God chose to hand me over to depravity (Rom.8:28). I lived in debauchery and dissipation, pursuing fleshly desires unchecked, and as a result, was a dry desolate, fruitless, withering, despicable tree.

But God, in His wonderful, glorious mercy, chose to save me! What a beautiful hope we have in Christ! How can one not love one such as Him? He has restored me and shown me how to love Him. My root in Christ extends so deep, nothing can tear me away from him (Rom.8:38-39). His Word is my precious treasure; Treasured because of who it represents. The awesome and unfathomable Lord, who, loves me more than I could ever imagine. It is an honor to be allowed to serve Him for the depths of eternity. I will serve Him wholeheartedly forever and ever and never leave Him, just as He promises to never leave me (Heb. 13:5).

~ Mickele Age 20

My wife and I were completely devastated when we first heard about our son’s drug addiction. We turned to God in our time of despair and He directed us to the Mission House. At the Mission House we found hope. Our son found restoration. Lyle and Megan guided us through scripture after scripture in order to help us understand what was happening. At first, we were scared, anxious, and desperate. God intervened. Our experience at the Mission House taught us that our son would be renewed for God’s sake (Ezekiel 36). Our entire family has been changed as a result of what God did for us at the Mission House. God not only removed our hearts of stone, but He also gave us a new heart and a new spirit. We now communicate better as a family. We have hope for our son’s future. Our anxieties have turned in to a satisfaction in knowing that God is with us, that He cares for us, and that He has a purpose for us. If you are considering a move to the Mission House, please know that your life will be changed when you walk through the doors. The days we spent studying God’s word at the Mission House have been recorded in our family book of history as a “turning point”. It’s your move. May God richly bless your next decision.


After returning from serving in the Navy, I was preparing to get married to my high school sweetheart. My plans quickly changed when I learned that she had been dating my close friend that I grew up with. This tore me apart. I experienced pain that I never felt before. This event changed my life. From a guy who always stayed away from the drug scene, I was lured into it. I wanted to fill my emptiness.

I masked my pain with drug abuse severely. Though, I eventually got over my first true love, I was left with an addiction to just about every numbing drug you could think of. I tried to battle it for fourteen years, going through several secular drug rehab programs. It wasn’t until I lost everything to drugs that I finally cried out to the Lord for help. I needed a savior! Then, the Holy Spirit entered in me and a change of events lead me to the Mission House; a program that’s lead by an ex-addict who that loves the Lord and that God has moved to guide people to Him.

God saved my life, now I must do my part to disciple and spread the good news to others who need Jesus Christ in their heart. Jesus saves when you surrender your heart and life to him!

~ Kevin Age 36